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Accreditation is important for ensuring safety, quality and consistency of BreastScreen Australia services across over 750 locations nationally. BreastScreen Australia services and State Coordination Units (SCU) are regularly reviewed to ensure they are providing a high quality service and compliance with the BreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standards (NAS).

The Revised Accreditation System

On 1 January 2017, the revised accreditation system was implemented, which followed a review of the accreditation system that was finalised in 2015. The transition to the revised accreditation system was undertaken throughout 2016.

As of 1 January 2017 all services/SCUs are expected to be fully transitioned and submitting applications under the revised accreditation system.

Evaluation of the Revised Accreditation System

The University of South Australia has been contracted to undertake an evaluation of the revised accreditation system in two phases. The University will report on both the change management process from the old to the new accreditation system, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the new system. This will include evaluating the impact of the new national accreditation system on clinical outcomes for BreastScreen Australia clients. The evaluation is expected to be completed by mid 2020.

The below documents outline the University of South Australia’s evaluation methodology:

Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre (University of South Australia) – BreastScreen Australia Accreditation Evaluation Methodology (PDF 750 KB)
Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre (University of South Australia) – BreastScreen Australia Accreditation Evaluation Methodology (Word 165 KB)

Accreditation process

Accreditation is the process that evaluates the overall service/SCU. All services/SCUs must participate in the accreditation process to be part of BreastScreen Australia. The accreditation system includes checking that services/SCUs meet the standards through accreditation surveys, self-assessment and reporting to the National Quality Management Committee who are the accreditation decision making body.

Under the revised accreditation system, BreastScreen Australia services and BreastScreen Australia SCUs are regularly reviewed to ensure they are providing a high quality service.

The performance of every BreastScreen Australia service and SCU is measured through a set of nationally agreed standards.

Services and SCUs are only accredited if they are providing an acceptable quality of service. Each BreastScreen Australia service and SCU must undergo a formal accreditation survey once every four years.

Information on the accreditation status of a BreastScreen Australia service is available in the National Accreditation Status Report.

BreastScreen Australia Accreditation resources

Revised accreditation documents (for use by BreastScreen Australia Services as of 1 January 2017)

ResourceLink to resourceComments
Data DictionaryBreastScreen Australia Data Dictionary: version 1.2Contains the latest Data Dictionary, released on 29 Apr 2019
Accreditation HandbookBreastScreen Australia Accreditation HandbookContains the latest Accreditation Handbook, released in March 2015 (updated in October 2020)
National Accreditation Standards CommentaryBreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standards Commentary October 2015Contains the latest National Accreditation Standards Commentary released in October 2015 (amendments made in January 2019)
BSA accreditation formsBreastScreen Australia accreditation formsContains the latest BSA Accreditation forms
BreastScreen Australia Quality Matters BulletinsBreastScreen Australia Quality Matters BulletinsReport on current news, events and opportunities, for the BreastScreen Australia Accreditation System
National Accreditation Status ReportNational Accreditation Status Report for May 2020National Accreditation Status Report for May 2020
BreastScreen Australia Implementation BulletinsBreastScreen Australia Implementation BulletinsContains updates on the implementation of the revised BreastScreen Australia accreditation system
BreastScreen Australia NAS Measure and Protocol Concise Descriptors and AcronymsBreastScreen NAS Measure descriptors and acronyms (PDF 247 KB)The short names are for convenience and are not intended to be self-explanatory. Use the full NAS and/or data dictionary for definitions.
National Quality Improvement Plan (NQIP)National Quality Improvement Plan (PDF 239 KB)The purpose of the National Quality Improvement Plan (NQIP) is to support quality improvement within the BreastScreen Australia (BSA) program at a national level.
NQMC Strategic Data Plan (SDP)NQMC Strategic Data Plan (PDF 415 KB)
NQMC Strategic Data Plan (Word 571 KB)
The purpose of the Strategic Data Plan (SDP) is to foster strategic use of data across the BreastScreen Australia program through a number of strategic data priorities.
Funnel plot templatesFunnel plot template large service (Excel 411 KB)
Funnel plot template multi-service SCUs (Excel 1070 KB)
Funnel plot template small service (Excel 412 KB)
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