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Conclusion of payments for Program forms

Page last updated: 01 September 2020

Payments for program forms

In late 2020, the following payments for program forms will conclude:

  • $14.30 (GST inclusive) for each Colonoscopy Report or Histopathology Report
  • $7.70 (GST inclusive ) for each GP Assessment Form or Adverse Outcomes Report.

These information payments are made for each correctly completed form that provides information to the National Bowel Cancer Screening Register about the progress of a program participant through the screening pathway following a positive iFOBT result.

The conclusion of these payments will follow the introduction of new register functionality, scheduled for release in late 2020.

New register functions include:

  • a Healthcare Provider Portal
  • clinical information system integrations with the National Register.

This will remove the need for healthcare providers and specialists to complete and submit paper-based forms.


The Department of Health expects to make payment to healthcare providers who continue to submit program forms from November 2019, until the introduction of the Healthcare Provider Portal.

A new method for collecting payment accounts details for service providers will be established and made available to healthcare providers. This will enable providers to nominate a bank account to receive payments for the submission of the specified information provided to the National Register via the other program forms.

Further information on administrative arrangements will be provided shortly.

Program forms

From 1 November 2019, Program forms submitted via the internet, fax and mail will automatically be diverted to the National Register.

The Payment Account Details for Service Provider Form - PDF 185 KB will continue to be accepted as usual.

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