Introducing the electronic Procedure Report - Adverse Events

Page last updated: 18 November 2019

This document provides some basic information to assist you in using the electronic version of the Procedure Report - Adverse Outcomes. The electronic version of the report allows you to complete the report on your computer, save and/or print the report and submit it to the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR) electronically via a secure Internet process.

Action buttons - Action buttons (e.g. Submit, Print and Save) are located on the last page.

Closing the report - The report can be closed at any time by selecting X at the top right of the screen. This method of closing the report will not save the report.

Self-building fields example - In Section 1, if you identify that you have a Medicare number available. The report will display the appropriate area for you to enter a Medicare number.

Report edits - example

    1. The report knows the Medicare number has 10 numbers and so if there is an error in the number of digits, the report will identify the error. The validity of the Medicare number is not checked against the NCSR at this stage but will be checked when the data is entered into the NCSR.
    2. If a mandatory field (usually identified using an asterisk) is not completed when submitting the report, it will be highlighted in red.
Saving - You can save the report on your computer. The process is the same as other computer products giving you the choice of name and location. The report will have a default name which can be changed to suit your particular requirements.

Can the report be saved as a template, pre-populated and reused? - No. At this time you need to download a new report each time you wish to lodge information with the NCSR.

Does the report need to be complete before it is saved? - No. Multiple persons can be involved (if necessary) in the completion of the report. It only needs to be complete (i.e. have all mandatory fields completed) when the report is submitted.

Printing - The form provides an option to print the report should you require a paper copy for your records.

Submission receipt - When you have successfully completed the report and submitted the form to the NCSR, the system will return a receipt to show that the report has been received. The receipt will provide you with an option to print a copy of the form submitted complete with receipt details.

Do I need to buy special software? - No. The electronic form needs Adobe Reader version 9.0 or later. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe website.

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