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Participant Invitation Letter (with kit) (PDF 189 KB)

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Your free test

What’s this?Here is your free bowel cancer screening test. It is important you do this test, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Bowel cancer can develop with no symptoms and this test can find the early warning signs even before bowel cancer develops. If found early, bowel cancer can be treated successfully 90% of the time.
What do you need to do?Your test kit and information booklet are included with this letter. The test is quick and easy to do in your own home. Please follow the instructions carefully or call the Program helpline on 1800 930 998 for help.

If you have any of the symptoms described in the information booklet, or have a family history of bowel cancer, talk to your doctor before doing this test.
What happens next?You will receive your result within three weeks. You may be advised to contact a doctor about your result. A positive result does not confirm that you have bowel cancer, but it may be an early warning sign. Your results will only be available to you, the Program and your doctor.
Do you have any questions?Talk to your doctor, call the Program Information Line on 1800 118 868 or visit the Cancer Screening website.

If you do not wish to do the test, complete the form at the back of the information booklet and put your unused test kit in the bin. Do not give your test kit to another person.

Doing this test could save your life.
Professor Brendan Murphy
Chief Medical Officer